Community Northern Beaches is a not-for-profit organisation that has supported those in need on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for over 40 years. The open door policy in the welcoming community centre in Wentworth Street allows anyone to access their mostly free services, helping to support the most vulnerable within the community. 

Goodwill Hunting Co. and a group of amazing women have pledged to give $10,000 of the money we raise from our Kakadu Adventures specifically to Community Northern Beaches work to help women escaping domestic violence.  Community Northern Beaches offers support for women and men who may have no-one else to turn to and nowhere else to go. Services such as legal advocacy, tenancy advice, counselling, ADVO and court support, financial advice, Centrelink outreach, assessment and referral to emergency accommodation and even basic items like toiletries, clothes and phone access – things that those who ave been abused have had to escape their home without or been denied access to by their partners.

By funding these essential services and items, we will be supporting women at this critical stage of a process that is traumatic and stressful.

An example of what $10,000 raised can provide is as follows:

  • 50 nights hotel accommodation whilst short-term/ refuge is arranged 
  • Rental of storage facilities to keep woman’s belongings safe whilst a home is sought
  • Clothing and personal care packs for women who have had to leave urgently and empty handed
  • Food vouchers, for those that have had all access to money withheld by the perpetrator
  • Purchase of essential items to re-build a home including furniture and whitegoods 

We have already raised $11000, a testament to the power of many working together to fight this devastating social issue. If you wold like to support this project please go to our GoFundMe page here. Stay tuned for updates!