Bears of Hope

The Challenge

Bears of Hope supports bereaved families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. Led by a small team of extremely dedicated and passionate people with lived experience, the organisation has developed a number of programs to educate and support during the grieving process. Bears of Hope wanted to explore new income streams and identify organisational gaps.


Our Approach

Conduct a discovery workshop to identify current funding streams and internal capacity, develop a fundraising strategy grouped by ROI and matched to internal capacity which identified the urgent need to build internal capacity by sourcing new funding. Bears of Hope opted to move forward with the development of a Theory of Change and program development to identify measurable indicators and an evaluation tool that would track their program’s impact. GHC also developed program budgets, a bespoke grants calendar and identified almost a million dollar in potential funding.


Bears of Hope’s Theory of Change identified key objectives for the organisation, which gave GHC measurables that could be used to evaluate Bears of Hope’s core programs. This opened grant opportunities as outcomes and efficacy could be demonstrated. Grants will be submitted as of FY 19-20.