The Challenge

KYUP! Project gives people a voice and teaches them to use it. Developed in response to the alarming rise in domestic violence murders, Australian Hapkido Champion, Cosmopolitan Woman of the year and Australia Day Ambassador Mel Thomas teaches self defence and self worth workshops that target intimate partner violence. Goodwill Hunting Co. was approached help KYUP! Project attract more funding to build internal capacity and reach more people.


Our Approach

Develop a strategic approach to full ACNC DGR approval and support the development of a fundraising strategy that will secure funds for a year one launch.



ACNC application developed and submitted

Funds secured for additional workshops through effective and targeted grant management, including auspicing arrangements

Corporate funds secured to support the launch of the organisation

Skills based Board developed and launched

Supported strategic planning day delivered by Layne Beachley OA

Case for support developed for next stage funding and attracting large investors.

Funding secured to grow internal capacity to support the expansion of the organisation.