One Eighty Org
One Eighty Org
One Eighty Org

The Challenge

One Eighty Avalon is a youth driven, youth led organisation that wants to change how young people interact with mental health services through contributing to public policy, delivering signature peer-to-peer support programs and increasing visibility of help available in the community. One Eighty Avalon wanted to support their fundraising capacity and identify targeted fundraising streams. Build governance and develop internal policies for best practice program delivery


Our Approach

Review current income versus operational costs, review current governance structure and develop a roadmap for 12 weeks of institutional capacity building through training and upskilling.



Conducted 12 weeks of training for capacity building in the team.

Developed through collaboration and training a strategic vision and roadmap to better inform program development.

Developed risk management procedure for signature program

Developed and delivered policies and procedures for better governance

Developed and delivered an operational budget that reflected the income needs for the organisation for FY 19-20.

Developed and delivered Ambassador MOUs

Developed and delivered a bespoke grants calendar and managed grant submissions to deliver in excess of $50,000 in funding in the first 4 weeks of the contract.